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Abbott Glass and Door Repair, Inc.

Family owned and operated since 1992

Home of The Screen Queen


Residential products and services

Frame-less European Shower Enclosures.

Euros are in high demand. Elegant 3/8 thick glass and built to last. Once only a "luxury" item at a "luxury" price, until now. We specialize in Euro installation and have a large inventory of hardware styles/colors and many different glass options. As these beautiful showers have gained popularity their prices have become comparable to the standard Semi-frame-less shower enclosures. The Euros require much less maintenance and, upon request, are now available with special coating to protect against hard water stains.

No tile yet? No problem! Call us right away to ask us about pre-tile U channel that is later hidden by tile and gives your shower the "floating" affect.

Semi - frame less and full framed Shower Enclosures.

If you wish to stick with a more traditional look we offer the semi-frame less and full framed showers. Available in several hardware colors and come with 3/16 to 1/4 thick glass.


Mirrors are an elegant way to add depth to any room. Whether you choose to frame a mirror or have a free standing application Abbott can provide you with mirrors made to last. We offer shaped mirrors made custom to your application as well as bevels and polishing.

We are also skilled in mirror walls, perfect for dance studios, and even horse arenas. Our expert installers will take their time to make sure a mirrored wall is lined correctly and flows smoothly from one mirror to the next.

Flat Glass

Did you know that flat glass can be used for all kinds of things? Table tops, desk tops, floor mats (yes I said floor mats), shelving, entertainment centers, cup coasters, and custom fit glass for a custom photo frame, just to name a few.

Ask us about our custom glass floor mats! Yes, it is true a floor mat made of glass that is durable enough to support several people and rolling chairs. If you're tired of that old plastic mat not giving you the support you need to roll freely around your work space give us a call!


We offer full window replacements in may different styles, as well as single and double pane insulated glass unit replacements. Part replacement and reconditions are also available. We also offer Low E glass.


We offer a variety of vinyl patio doors, French style, atrium, interior/exterior entry doors, part replacement, as well as our highly acclaimed door reconditions. Low E glass options are available.


With a fully functioning screen shop we provide full screen fabrication and screen repair for both window and door applications. We have a variety of framing colors and fabric choices, including a warrantied pet proof screen. Our screen fabric is high grade and will last much longer through weather exposer with less shrinking.

Guaranteed to be code compliant

Safety is everything here at Abbott Glass. We are up to date on code compliance and safety regulations for our trade. At Abbott we like to remind people that cutting corners to save a little time and money can end up costing you a lot of hassle and a lot more money. Non compliance with code could land you in court and facing fines. We never cut corners here at Abbott and guarantee that our finished product will not hold up a certification of occupancy.

** Abbott will not provide advice on code compliance outside our trade, ex: electrical, plumbing, ext. For advice outside our trade contact your licensed contractor or tradesmen**  

Cabinet Glass

Abbott is proud to offer a variety of cabinet glass. The right glass can accentuate and illuminate any cabinet. We have textured patterns, lined patterns, modern, retro, and even glass with bubbles.