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Abbott Glass and Door Repair, Inc.

Family owned and operated since 1992

Home of The Screen Queen


Commercial Services

Commercial Door Services

Our commercial door reconditions are a top seller. A cost effective alternative to replacing a commercial door. Our door reconditions are backed by warranties* and with multiple suppliers we have access to most major brand manufactures for part replacements.

*warranties excluded for bars*

We also offer full door replacement and part replacement. We have several frame colors and glass options available. We guarantee to meet code requirements.  

Guaranteed to be code compliant

Safety is everything here at Abbott Glass. We are up to date on code compliance and safety regulations for our trade. At Abbott we like to remind people that cutting corners to save a little time and money can end up costing you a lot of hassle and a lot more money. Non compliance with code could land you in court and facing fines. We never cut corners here at Abbott and guarantee that our finished product will not hold up a certification of occupancy. ** Abbott will not provide advice on code compliance outside our trade, ex: electrical, plumbing, ext. For advice outside our trade contact your licensed contractor or tradesmen**  

Commercial Store Front

We offer a variety of frame color and widths, as well as many glass options to accommodate many store front applications.

Commercial Curtain Wall

Flat glass and mirrors

Are you tired of plastic floor mats that turn yellow and never fully provide the support for a rolling chair? Ask us about our custom glass mats. Yes its true, a glass mat that you can actually sit on. These mats are not only elegant but durable as well. Abbott has a custom glass mat of our own that is over 7 years old. With multiple options in colored glass you can match a beautiful desk top with a durable glass floor mat.

Mirrors add depth to any office and whether you wish to frame a mirror or have a free standing application Abbott can provide high quality made to last mirrors.