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Abbott Glass and Door Repair, Inc.

Family owned and operated since 1992

Home of The Screen Queen


A Little About Us

(Photo Credit: Be 4ever Young Photography LLC)

Abbott Glass is proud to be a family run business nestled in the beautiful front range of Colorado. We are a husband and wife team along with our children, Jaydon (age 10) and Morgan (age 7).

Keith is the owner of Abbott glass with over 30 years experience in the trade. New York born and driven to give our customers his best every time. Keith is highly known for being able to take what may seem to be a lost cause and fix it the right way. He has been called creative, brilliant, and full of ingenuity. He is easy to work with and pleasant with people. Our customers have always appreciated Keith's advice and ideas. On his down time Keith is hardly taking it easy. Just as he works tirelessly for our customers he can be found working just as hard on any assortment of projects on our home and office. Never one to sell you what you do not need, you can always rely on Keith to provide you with great workmanship, honesty, and smile.

Then there is me! I'm Amber, Keith's wife. I may not run Abbott Glass but I keep it running. I'm the voice on the phone and the face in the office. I'm an Arizona native but Colorado raised, and as hard working as my better half. I pride myself in juggling my responsibilities to my customers and my family. It's hectic but I love my job. I like working with people and I am always up for a challenge. I have been known as the resourceful problem solver. I will work my charm to get my customers the most bang for their buck. I can repair or fabricate screens, cut glass, send out bids, make a batch of cookies, fix a boo boo, and answer the phones all without breaking a sweat or missing a beat. I'm an overall positive and energetic gal and always here to provide my customers with a friendly and professional attitude.

If you've been to our office chances are you have met one or both of Abbott's future super team. Jaydon, at the age of 10, is already catching on and will happily ask you how he can help you. He is super friendly and also loves working with people. He is proud to be mom's helper and is very charming. Morgan is as energetic as her big brothers and she can talk her way right into your heart. We believe our children will have a great benefit growing up in glass shop. They get to see first hand what drive and team work can accomplish. They'll get a great understanding of work ethic and honesty. Our kids are our everything and it is for them that we will strive to always improve and expand.

(Photo Credit: Be 4ever Young Photography)